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“Metro-North” – short film on Super 8mm

May 27, 2009

Just finished a new student short, “Metro-North,” shot in NYC. This was my first time using Super 8 film, and I’m very happy with the results. Super 8 has an off-kilter, impressionistic quality that’s impossible to replicate digitally. Plus, it’s a blast to work with! The camera size and cartridge loading make for fun, easy film shooting, provided you have a reasonable idea of what you are doing. Though the format is supposedly outdated (Super 8 cameras are no longer manufactured), it is still often used professionally in music videos, commercials, and films where a specific vintage quality is desired. It also continues to be quite popular with artists and independent filmmakers.

Sarah Silbert in "Untitled"

Sarah Silbert in “Metro-North”

Huge thanks goes out to my talented actors: Zeth Zena, Shermaine Liggions, and the lovely Sarah Silbert. They all went above and beyond.



First Entry

May 26, 2009

Hi there, I’m Derek VG, a filmmaker living in NYC. Stick around and expect to see camera & equipment impressions, movie reviews, shooting diaries, project updates, and whatever else I feel like throwing out there.

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